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We would love you to add Creation Fest to your time of prayer.

During the Festival itself there are always many prayer needs.

There is a prayer team on site whose specific role is to pray for people and for the festival. You can find out more and register to volunteer for part of that team on our volunteer page.

Prayer Requests

Some specific prayer points that we would so appreciate you incorporating include:

  • The ongoing vision of Creation Fest. That it will continue to be an event where families can come and meet and enjoy the presence of God no matter what their age.
  • The unity of the Spirit. That churches of different denominations will unite under the banner of Jesus as Lord and Saviour and that many more churches will participate in the vision of Creation Fest.
  • The planning of the festival. That the theme will be in line with God’s will, that it will resonate in and change people’s lives so that they become better equipped to live out the Gospel.
  • The speakers, bands, volunteers and indeed everyone who is playing a role in the festival – that they will serve willingly, joyfully and show the love of God in their giftings.
  • The finance of the festival. To thank God for the blessings of past years; pray for those who have given generously, our sponsors and that the festival will continue to be able to pay its way without having to charge an admittance fee.
  • Many people to make a commitment to acknowledge Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and that many people will also come back to the Lord.
  • Other events that Creation Fest leads in England, Scotland, and beyond!
  • The Creation Fest office. These are a bustling place of year-round ministry. Please pray for core team and volunteers active in Wadebridge throughout the year.

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Prayer Tent

Maybe God has spoken to you in a seminar, or you are struggling in a situation; perhaps you are unwell or would like to find out how you become a Christian. Pop into the prayer tent to speak to one of our experienced prayer warriors. There is space in the tent for you to have some individual time with God or just to read your Bible. There are some ways as well where you can "write" your prayers and leave them there for others to pray. Come and say hello.

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