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Teaching 2014

Download and listen to the teaching sessions and seminars from Creation Fest 2014.

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Sunday Service

Big Shed


Morning teaching sessions on Jesus: The God Man - Studies in the Gospel of John

Session Title Speaker
1 I AM that I AM Brian Brodersen
2 The Word Became Flesh Brian Brodersen
3 You Must Be Born Again Michael Smith
4 For God So Loved the World Steve Vickery
5 Living Water Bryce Heard
6 I AM the Bread of Life Jim Gallagher
7 I AM the Light of the World Michael Smith
8 I AM the Good Shephard Jim Gallagher
9 I AM the Resurrection and the Life Brian Brodersen
10 I AM The Way, The Truth, and The Life Joey Rozek
11 I AM the True Vine Simon Lawrenson

Other sessions from The Big Shed

A Tribute to the life of Phil Pechonis
Wisdom from the Word: Marriage and Family

The Pavilion


Afternoon teaching sessions from the Pavilion

Title Speaker
Sing It! Vocal Workshop Efrem Buckle & Robert Prendergast
Women in the Gospel of John: Martha Cheryl Brodersen
Identity Crisis Nancy Sylvester
Women in the Gospel of John: Mary Cheryl Brodersen
Small Things that Change the World Jessie Jacobs
Women in the Gospel of John: Mary Magdalene Cheryl Brodersen
Foundations: Central Beliefs
Part 1: Understanding God and His Creation Bryce Heard & Bob Claycamp
Part 2: Understanding Man and His Separation Bryce Heard & Bob Claycamp
Part 3: Understanding Christ and His Salvation Bryce Heard & Bob Claycamp
Part 4: Understanding God's Word and His Revelation Bryce Heard & Bob Claycamp
Part 5: Understanding the Church and the Believer's Participation Bryce Heard & Bob Claycamp
Foundations: Going Deeper
Part 1: Loved by God: Fatherhood of God Matt Kottman & Joey Rozek
Part 2: Made Right with God: Justification Matt Kottman & Joey Rozek
Part 3: Made Holy by God: Sanctification Matt Kottman & Joey Rozek
Part 4: Sent by God: The Great Commission Matt Kottman & Joey Rozek
Part 5: Raised by God: Glorification and the Hope of the Gospel Matt Kottman & Joey Rozek
Precepts Part 1: Why we can be strong Nigel and Molly Watts
Precepts Part 2: How to have success Nigel and Molly Watts

The Showcase Cafe


Seminars and Worship and the Word teachings

Title Speaker
"Why Do I...?" Michael Smith
Back to the Beginning:
Genesis and Modern Science
Phillip Bell
Singleness and Dating Simeon Forder
Holy Life, Happy Life Kristie Gallagher
Millions and Billions of years:
What do Science and the Bible tell us?
Phillip Bell
When God Shouts! Tim Robertson
Life in the Single Lane Bob Forder
Go! Chet Lowe
The Spirit Filled Life Simon Lawrenson
Healing Ministry: Is the Church a Hospital? Zach Vestnys
The Authority and Profitability of Scripture Dave Shirley
Worship and the Word: James
James 1 Dave Shirley
James 2 Richard Powell
James 3 Dave Sylvester
James 4 Bob Claycamp
James 5v1-12 Steve Vickery
James 5v13-20 Richard Curnow

The Tube


The main morning teaching sessions

Session Title Speaker
1 Born Twice?!? Joey Rozek
2 The Crazy Love of God Joel Lopez
3 Shining Bright Josiah Graves
4 Living Forever Brandon McCulloch
5 Staying Connected Matt Kottman

Other sessions from The Tube

Title Speaker
Living 100% for Jesus Andrew Lundy
So What's the Deal with Dating? Efrem Buckle
Peanut Butter and Jelly Relationships Joel Lopez
A Girl who Loves God Shell Perris
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