Why I live in England

By Sarah Yardley

So just who makes all the magic happen behind the scenes at Creation Fest? In this new series, we introduce you to some of the stories-behind-the-names-behind-the-faces – and of course, where better to start than with the lady that needs no introduction: our Ministry and Missions Lead, Sarah Yardley. Say hello to Sarah…

I am asked on average once per day, ‘Why in the world do you live in England?’

I’m originally from Orange County, California (yes, that Orange County, for former viewers of The OC, Laguna Beach or Desperate Housewives). I have a fantastic family whom I adore, most of whom still live in Costa Mesa, California where I grew up. My answer, depending on my level of sarcasm and how much time I have to respond, is sometimes as simple as this: “God told me to.”

That might sound dramatic, but it’s true. I started coming to Creation Fest in the summer of 2009, and never imagined that Wadebridge would become my home. I loved the quaint houses, the charming accents, the winding green roads, and the planes that took me back and forth. I returned, every summer, developed friendships, and arrived in the summer of 2014, landing to the shocking and unexpected news that the previous director, Phil Pechonis, had passed away suddenly.

At times, you pray so relentlessly for healing that it almost fails to cross your mind that healing might not come the way you expected it. In the weeks that followed, God spoke to me of a promise from Isaiah 49: a calling to the coastlands, a naming from birth, His word in my mouth like a sword, light for the ends of the earth. Sometimes, Cornwall feels like the ends of the earth, but five years later, it also feels like home.

I love this chapter of my life as Mission and Ministry Lead for Creation Fest. I love putting down roots in this place, and the way my heart has been expanded for new people, new places, and new callings. Walking with Jesus is always an adventure, and I’m confident the best is still yet to come.

Sarah, like all our year-round core team, lives and serves Creation Fest as a missional volunteer. If you would like to support her financially, whether regularly or as a one-off-gift, you can do so here

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