Rhythms of Creation

By Molly Toms

Hello from all of us at Creation Fest.

Our lives are formed by countless small decisions. We choose where we shop, what we wear, how we worship. Each of these decisions is shaping the person we become. This year, we’ll be exploring what it means to walk in rhythms of faith in our daily lives.

Download our guide for the month of March: Rhythms in Creation 🌿 


Rhythms in Creation: A guide for the month of March.

In addition to our festival theme Rhythms of Faith, we’ll be offering monthly rhythm guides, designed to help you and your community walk in faith.

For the follower of Jesus, our prayer is that these rhythm guides will help you explore faith every day; today’s drop leading up to the month of March is your guide based on Rhythms of Creation. Creation Fest is centered around the invitation to know Jesus, so we would encourage you to use these guides with your community, church family, fringes, and friends, and to consider bringing a friend who is exploring faith with you to Creation Fest this summer.

We look forward to gathering together in person in August.

Download your monthly guide below for March… 

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