We met Jesus at a Roller Rink in Redruth!

By Matt Banton

An update from our Youth Worker, Matt from our special Roller Rink Worship Glow event.

Glow is designed to help young people know God and know each other better, all whilst having fun, worshipping God and learning how to practically apply their faith to their everyday life.

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What does a typical worship night look like for you? Perhaps it involves a great sound system, free coffee on tap, and cosy spaces to encounter God in prayer. Well… on Sunday the 23rdof April it looked quite different for our young people at the Glow worship night. 

Hosted at Rollers Roller Rink Redruth, the evening started with a flood of young people all coming to get their skates on and race around the roller rink. There was also a whole room full of classic arcade games like Pac Man and Space Invaders, where the young people could have a ton of fun experiencing life as a young person living in the 1980’s.

When planning the event, it seemed like a funny transition to go from skating and arcading to intimate worship, but the young people were just as keen to worship as they were to play. During the worship, which was beautifully led by the Moses Brothers, there was a special sense of the presence of God as young people worshiped Him. There was no screen for words, no coffee or cosy spaces, just a group of young people gathered in circle hungry, eager, desperate to worship God. As the praise went up, heaven came down and eternity was changed. To one side of the worship, we had a roll of paper where the young people could creatively express prophetic words and prayers. 

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As we look to the next Glow event, happening May 14th, we are expectant to see God meet us in worship once again.

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Every event we do we long to see people discover who they are in Christ, encountering Him in a new way or for the first time. Over the last two Glow events we’ve had the joy of seeing this happen with 354 young people, represented by 22 different churches, and we are so delighted that your young people were a part of that.  

As we look to the next year of Glow events, we would love to invite you to partner with us so that we can continue to keep Glow free for all. Glow currently costs £750 per event, which works out to roughly £5 per person. As I write this, I hope that you will consider supporting £25 a month or more to continue the work God has already begun.

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