Amanda Cook


Amanda Cook is a writer/musician/lover of books who’s been busy busy busy working on a few projects. She has won things (Juno, Dove), lost things (Juno, Dove, her mind), tried things (cooking, horseback riding, being on time), failed things (being on time, horseback riding, keeping a fern alive), and succeeded at a few things (starting over, evolving, getting in a good bedtime routine). Music is her go to mode of transportation and connection.

She has released several albums that explore the intersections of faith/doubt, love/loss, hope/despair, and fun/notfun. She makes music under a few monikers (Amanda Cook, Falcon, Ile Des Chenes) because it’s an amusing thing to do. Her hope is in Jesus and americanos in the morning. She enjoys writing songs that feel helpful, healing, and read like a poem with or without sound. Her latest offering, “Survey: Part 1”, was released earlier this spring.

Amanda resides in Los Angeles with her little, struggling, surviving family of house plants. (The fern sadly didn’t make it, RIP).

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