Orphan No More


We are a community that use our creativity to share the journey of becoming who we truly are; the beloved. 

Orphan No More Co is a collective made up of singers, songwriters, poets and instrumentalists.  They began as and remain, a group of friends in a living room with a dream to share redemptive art.

They gathered their entire community together in the summer of 2018 to record their debut EP, Exhale Vol. 1 in one week; birthed from the simple desire to share together in the creation of art that spoke their truth.

In February 2019 they gathered together again to record Exhale Vol. 2. Leading on from the painful loss of their dear friend and member of the community, Esther Moore. They released the songs that carried them through that season of grief. Declaring that death is not the end and hope in God prevails, they released this project on Easter 2019 as a celebration of the power of resurrection.

 Their debut album, Even Now, released in 2020, share’s the honest story of grief and loss but ultimately points the narrative back to the One who stands with us in the storm, outside graves and in the middle of the desolate place.

Following up with an E.P, Death Died, in 2021 along with a live version, the project spoke into a year marked with isolation and loss where the need for simplicity in a world of chaos has become more transparent than ever. Death Died is an honest and contemplative confession of faith and doubt, interwoven with the challenging and freeing narrative of the life of the Rabbi Jesus.

In 2023, ONM will releasee their sophomore album, Perplexity, and embark on their first UK tour.

Orphan No More are bought to Creation Fest 2023 through partnership with Christians Against Poverty. 

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