Philip Shibata


It’s not often that one encounters a wide range of music and imagination like Philip Shibata’s. The Manchester-based Japanese-Canadian enters the scene with his sweet and smooth vocals and jazzy guitar playing. In 2018, Philip released his first EP ‘Seasons to Seasons’ successfully and continues to gain more listeners and fans in the jazzy neo-soul scene. His success has led to many musical collaborations and followers including the likes of Jonathan Ogden, Montell Fish, Joe Bae, Kazuki Isogai, and more. In February of 2021, after over a year of designing and creating, Philip released his very first full length album “Sun / Moon” further exploring and surprising the musical universe of sound, style and genre. Philip worked closely with Producer/Musician Jonathan Ogden and over 10 collaborators from across the world, genre, and style to successfully release his masterpiece to the music world.

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