Summer Festival

What’s new or different for 2021?

There are some changes

We are SO excited to be coming together for an actual, in-person event for 2021. As we’re sure you can understand, planning has been challenging this year. Many decisions have been hard, with all sorts of factors that are outside of our control. Areas of the Showground site are unavailable for use. Government guidelines are still changing. We hope that restrictions will have eased by August, but we have to plan for an event that we are confident we can deliver, today.

If you’ve been to Creation Fest before, you may have certain expectations about what to expect. We wanted to be as fully transparent about all of the possible changes  before travel plans are made and tickets are booked. We hope to be adding in more fun, increasing capacities and generally doing more and will keep this page updated as far as we are able. Please know that we are doing everything that we can to make Creation Fest as fun and fabulous as possible!



Is camping the same?

We will have limited camping capacity at Creation Fest 2021 due to Showground restrictions and venue capacities. There will also be various changes to the way that the campsite is run – including not being able to book as groups. Please look at all the FAQs on the camping page for full details

Will you have all of the same venues as 2019?

No. Due to Showground restrictions and venue capacities, we’ve had to reduce the number of venues that will be open at Creation Fest 2021. Please do take a look at the venues page for all of the details. A little more intimate than usual, we’re confident that the Big Weekend will still be as fun and fabulous as ever!

Is there a Kids programme?

This year, due to COVID restrictions, we will not be running a full kids programme.

Instead, families will be able to join in with the Big Shed worship together. Then, grown-ups can connect with the Big Shed teaching sessions whilst children grab a device, put on their headphones, and discover more about God via the wonders of technology!

We have teamed up with Allstars Kids Club to produce high-quality, fun and interactive digital content for children that will run alongside the main morning sessions. Families will be able to sit together and learn about God in different ways.

Each afternoon, kids and grown-ups will be able to take part in a fun and interactive session for families that is completely COVID safe.

We will also be opening up the Family Venue to run Splash, a space for 0-4’s and their parents/carers to play, chat and have fun learning about God together.

More information on the Kids and Families page

Is the Youth Village coming back?

This year, our youth programme has been developed in partnership with Message Trust and their in-house band, Amongst Wolves.

We will be running two separate youth sessions in the morning – for 11-14’s and 15-18s – plus a whole host of afternoon seminars, fun activities and late night goings-on!

What about the skate park?

For a number of reasons – length of event, Showground space restrictions, budget, COVID safety etc – we will sadly not be building our usual, full-size indoor skate park. BUT skate is still such an essential part of Creation Fest’s heart that we are currently working on a number of outdoor options that will be just as much fun. Please keep checking back on our website for more information.

Can I come as a day visitor?

Currently, due to venue capacity restrictions we are unable confirm day visitor capacity at this moment in time. We are working as hard as we can to open up availability for day ticket visitors and are constantly reviewing all of the government guidelines. 

We’re looking into creative solutions to ensure that there is day visitor capacity on site and we are hoping to open free day tickets on June 28. Currently the only way we can guarantee entry on site is through camping. 

Will I have to wear a mask the whole time?

There are many details that we don’t yet know. We’ll be complying with all government guidelines and will keep you all updated regarding all health and safety guidelines as we get nearer to the time.

Is Count Everyone In happening this year?

We do not currently have a team in place to run Count Everyone In as an accessibility stream in the mornings but will be working to ensure the whole site and programme is as accessible as possible for all.

Please see our Accessibility page for details of all the facilities that we have on site to make Creation fest as inclusive as possible.

Will venues be socially distanced / restricted in number?

There are many details that we don’t yet know. We’ll be complying with all government guidelines and will keep you all updated regarding all health and safety guidelines as we get nearer to the time.

It is likely that some venues will be operating on restricted capacities, and we are working on overflows to ensure everyone can take part in as much as possible.

Will I have to book for individual sessions?

We’re just not sure yet. Depending on when and how far the government relaxes restrictions, we are hopeful that we will not have to operate a booking-per-session model. However, it is possible that some venues will be operating on reduced capacities at the time of the event, which means that you may have to book your place at some individual sessions.

We will ensure that all campers are able to attend meetings in one venue or another – even if overflows have to be used.

Where's Fitness Factory?

Hopefully the Fitness Factory will return for 2022, but due to Showground restrictions this year, the space that we would usually use for this activity was not available. The Fitness Factory gang are hoping to run some outdoor activities however!

What about Arts?

Hopefully the Arts venue will return bigger and better than ever in 2022. Due to the space and budget restrictions this year, we will not be hosting a specific arts venue. However, we’re confident that there will still be many opportunities to engage with creative activities and expressions of faith throughout the weekend!

Where's Abide?

Due to Showground space restrictions, we cannot facilitate the camping zones this year, including Youth, Abide or Quiet camping. These areas will return in 2022!

A Covid Statement from our trustees