So, you’ve heard the invitation to know the God who loves us and you’re wondering… what’s next?

I want to know more!

We believe that when you know God, your life begins to change. He changes the way you think, live, and love. The invitation to know Him is one that shifts your identity in ways that are ordinary and extraordinary. We know that you might not yet feel ready to say that you’re all-in for a faith journey, but you might want to take another step towards faith.

Here are three simple things we’d suggest you consider:


We believe that the God who loves us both speaks and listens. Prayer is simply starting a conversation with Him. If you don’t know how to do that, pop by our prayer tent (if you’re at the festival), ask a friend what their conversation with God looks like, or check out the websites below.


We believe that the Bible is God’s Word, alive. You could start by reading about the life of Jesus, so if you’re at the festival, pick up a Bible from our Prayer Team and try the books written by Mark or John to hear the story of the man who lived the most extraordinary life we know. There’s also loads of ways to do this online including:

The Bible App

Bible Project Videos


Wherever you live, there’s a community of people who gather, most likely on a Sunday, to explore faith together. You might know that as  church, which is the word we tend to use for the family of God who believes that they are called to live in a way that is both ordinary and yet, because they know the God who loves them, extraordinary. If you need help finding a church, ask a friend or visit this website:

Find a Church

Want to know more?

Looked at the website, downloaded the apps, heard the stories and want to respond? We’d love you to click the link and let us know!

There are three options on our form – you can let us know that you want to know more, that you’d like to recommit your life to Jesus or that you’ve made a first-time decision to follow Jesus. Fill in as much or as little of your contact details as you wish, and if you want, we’ll get in touch and link you up with a local church where you can talk more and meet other Christians.

*We won’t share your data with anyone else unless you ask us to, or use it for anything other than you give us permission for. Read our Privacy Policy for more information.