An Honest Need.

By Molly Toms

We are always hoping to carry a message of joy and expectation; we’ve seen the great kindness of God over many years, and rejoice in lives changed, stories shared, and hope given. We currently find ourselves in a place of honest need.

Our end of festival review has shown that we finished our 2022 festival event with a £70,000 pound shortfall.

Join us as we break down the facts and key areas that have contributed to this deficit in this video:

  • Our individual giving was down by 90% over previous years. We received only a handful of financial gifts from our attendees this summer at Creation Fest, compared to an average of £20,000.  
  • Our key partnerships were decreased; many larger national organisations could not be with us this year, leaving us with a shortfall in this area.
  • Our event was busy, but overall traffic decreased against expectation, which left us with less income from camping and cafes.

To meet our immediate need, we are asking you to prayerfully consider making a donation to Creation Fest right now.

We know that many are facing challenges in their personal finances at this time. If you were blessed by Creation Fest this year – or any other – and are in a position to give, your help will ensure Creation Fest is here in years to come.  

Giving Options:

We have two giving options, please choose which option you feel led to give in to: 

  1. A one-off gift of any amount – This will help us in our current hour of need to meet our deficit. 

2)   A recurring (monthly) gift of £10.00 – We are asking for 500 people to partner with us financially on a monthly basis. This will help us to sustain our year round running costs and also help towards putting on our annual festival and our year-round gatherings in the Southwest. 

Creation Fest meant the world to me because it was the place where God and I reconnected. I had been going through a really tough period, still am, and the festival really allowed me to get back in touch with other Christ seekers, his word, and his truth in my life. 


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