A Time Of Great Joy – November’s Glow download

By Molly Toms

An update from our Glow Team, Matt and Kerri Banton from our most recent Glow event.

Glow is designed to help young people know God and know each other better, all whilst having fun, worshipping God and learning how to practically apply their faith to their everyday life.

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We had such a joyous time at Glow this last Sunday looking at the topic of our Identity in Christ.

We had Josh Curnow leading worship and sharing his story, a ton dirty fries for all who attended, and 3 packed breakout sessions. We expected somewhere between 100-120 young people to arrive, but 175 turned up on the evening! There was a real buzz of excitement as we saw more and more young people who were hungry, not only for dirty fries, but to know more about God.

We played games and had 3 jam packed hubs that each explored different areas of identity from social media, to broken families, to who Christ has created us to be. In each hub we saw young people start to grasp who God says they are.  When Josh got up to share his story he perfectly related to the young people and the decisions they face around identity: do I do what God says or do I fit in, do I go to church or do I go play rugby. He used a clear example of a car that he had been driving and not taking very much care of. Jesus sat in the car with him keeps giving him advice on what needs fixing and how to do it, but Josh decided to not listen to Jesus and instead kicks Him out of the car. As Josh continues to go down the road the car gets more damaged and becomes more unreliable until he gets to a point where he knows he needed Jesus back in the car. He prays, and as he looks in his rear-view mirror he notices that Jesus was sitting there the whole time, saving him in key moments of danger. 

In a time of response at the end of the evening we saw many young people respond to needing to put Jesus back in the driving seat of their lives and make new commitments to faith. We know that God did many things in the hearts and minds of our young people! If you missed out and weren’t able to come you can watch the whole event right here! 

Check out some of the highlights below:

We can’t wait for our next Glow event happening on February 26 with Joe Hardy coming to lead worship and Tim Alford coming to share on the topic of Friendship and Relationships. If you know you are coming, you can book on right here! 

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