A glowing report for GLOW ✨

By Molly Toms

An update from our Youth Worker, Matt from our Glow event.

Glow is designed to help young people know God and know each other better, all whilst having fun, worshipping God and learning how to practically apply their faith to their everyday life.

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Last month at Glow we had a great time as we gathered together for an evening of worship with Joe Hardy and his band, 4 engaging and interactive hubs, and a message from the National Director of Limitless Tim Alford, all focusing on the topic of Real Relationships.

At the November Glow last year we had an incredible turnout of 175 young people and we were expectant to see the lord send that number again! As always he exceeded our expectations and we were overjoyed to be joined last month by 177 young people on the night, representing 22 different churches across the South West. There was a real buzz of excitement as we saw more and more young people who were hungry, not only for cookies but to know more about God. We played games and had 4 jam-packed hubs that each explored different areas of Relationships from Identity and Shame, to Surrendering our desires to God, to a large-scale game of tug and war that looked at the tug of different relationships.

We were blessed to have Joe Hardy and his band lead us in an epic time of worship. Before Tim Alford got up to speak one of our team took a sneak peek at his talk notes, which the first notes he had were ‘items required: 1 knife and 2 kiwis’… Intrigued by this our team was excited to see how a talk on relationships could use 2 kiwis. As Tim spoke, he was able to perfectly relate and engage with the with the young people on the question ‘what would it look like if we loved each other the way Jesus loved us?’. Then came the kiwi. The knife represented the harsh words we often say to each other, the kiwi represented those we speak to. Cutting the first kiwi, he explained that when we say mean things to each other we end up making wounds and cuts in our friends. Then he turned to the second kiwi and shared how we think that the same words in a different context, the context of ‘banter’, doesn’t cut the same. He said that we often ‘banter’ with each other and think that people won’t get hurt, but the knife still cuts and people can get hurt no matter the context.

From the worship, the hubs, and the talk, the young people were ready to respond. We finished the evening with an opportunity for response, where we saw many young people engage and begin to pray for each other. It was a truly wonderful time.

You can see Tim’s message and the rest of the evening here: February Glow Youtube.

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