The King’s Coronation

By Molly Toms

The coronation of King Charles III on 6 May 2023 will be one of the greatest evangelistic opportunities in our lifetime. A remarkable 32.5 million and up to 4.5 billion worldwide tuned in for the Queen’s funeral last September, and the attention of the world has often been captivated by the story of the royal family in the United Kingdom. 



Today, an average of 6% of the UK population are walking in active Christian faith, with this percentage often much lower in most rural communities. This year at Creation Fest. we have a remarkable opportunity to give a wide-open invitation to faith in Jesus Christ in the United Kingdom.

Meet Jesus, King of kings. Find in him the hope, life, and joy you are longing for. Turn from your places of pain and brokenness, receive freedom at the cross, and enter the Kingdom of God.

For the past 22 years, Creation Fest has boldly and clearly announced the good news of Jesus Christ, the once and-coming King through a free-to-attend summer festival in the Southwest of England. We have seen thousands make first-time or renewed faith decisions, and over the decades, well over 50,000 individuals have come through our site to hear the story of Jesus. This summer, we are expectant that many will meet Jesus and find freedom and life in His name. 

So…how can you join us? 


Above all, we are people of prayer. We believe that the Spirit is drawing, revival is coming, and that many will meet Jesus in significant ways this year. Partner with us in prayer by signing up for our newsletters and engaging with our online gatherings and trainings. 


Large-scale gatherings are costly. They also carry a historic and present-day weight of expectancy, that the clear invitation to come to know Jesus Christ is often the place where men and women, young and old, meet Jesus “in the valley of decision.” Help make these gatherings possible by giving a one-off or recurring donation.  

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