These are unprecedented times.

Our world might be changing, but our God has not. Stand with us as we join in the call for people across the UK to respond in love, prayer, hope and practical action to coronavirus.

On Sunday 22nd March, we joined with the Evangelical Alliance and major denominations across the UK to stand together, both in prayer and practical action, in response to coronavirus. That one day has now passed, but we continue to pray regularly for our world at this time. 

We’ll also be keeping this page up-to-date with links to major initiatives across the Christian spectrum and ideas for ‘gathering together’  at a time when we may not be able to be physically present with one another.

Four Calls to Prayer

1. A Call for Personal Peace:

For the healing of our world and for health and wholeness for all.

A practical response: Light a candle in your window at 7pm as a visible symbol of the light of life, Jesus Christ.

2. A Call for Practical Service:

Pray for safety, strength and resilience for all those who serve as carers; for family members, nurses, doctors, care home staff and community carers and emergency services as they respond in this time of crisis.

A practical response: Buy an extra item and place it in your local food bank.

3. A Call to Intercession:

Pray for a spirit of love towards all who are afraid, lonely, isolated and in need.

A practical response: Ring someone who is isolated and vulnerable

4. A Call to Hope:

Pray for Christians and our leaders worldwide – for wisdom, a spirit of justice and their safety.

Our world may be changing, but Our God has not. We have hope “and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.” – Romans 5:5

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“Calling for unity and the prayers of believers is not only something we see in Scripture but also something that is part of our British history. In 1940, Winston Churchill called for a national day of prayer as British troops faced an attack from German troops. If God delivered then, he can do the same now. Now is the time to stand on the inheritance of our past and seek the breaking in of the Kingdom of God in our current situation.”

Jon White reflects on the Biblical precedent for prayer and fasting, as well as the role that it has played in our own British history. Read more on this week’s blog post.

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