The King’s Coronation

The coronation of King Charles III on 6 May 2023 will be one of the greatest evangelistic opportunities in our lifetime. A remarkable 32.5 million and up to 4.5 billion worldwide tuned in for the Queen’s funeral last September, and the attention of the world has often been captivated by the story of the royal family in the United Kingdom. 



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Why Trust The Bible?

10 DECEMBER 2023.


A gathering to encourage confidence in Scripture with excellent international communicators including Brian Brodersen, Dr. Andy Bannister, Clare Williams, Dr. Peter Williams, Cheryl Brodersen, and Dr. Andrew Ollerton speaking with confidence into why we can trust in the Bible in the 21st century.

We are so looking forward to our ‘Why Trust The Bible?’ event this coming Saturday at E5 Church, Bristol.

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Happy Easter from Creation Fest HQ 🧡

As we approach Easter and reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross this weekend, it is our prayer that you have a blessed, joyful Easter and are reminded of God’s goodness and love today and always.

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This is Glow. Our youth worship gathering, run in partnership with South West Youth Ministries, is back! Glow is designed to help young people know God and know each other better – all whilst having fun, worshipping God and learning how to practically apply their faith to their everyday life.

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Creative Fest

Introducing CREATIVE FEST!

Launching this week, we’re really excited to be sharing some amazing digital content on our Facebook page every weekday in May to help you explore new areas of creativity and answer some of life’s big questions during this season.

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