Faith and Presence – October’s Glow download

By Molly Toms

An update from our Glow Team Lead, Matt Banton from our most recent Glow event.

Glow is designed to help young people know God and know each other better, all whilst having fun, worshipping God and learning how to practically apply their faith to their everyday life.

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Hey Friends,

What a great time we had at Glow, worshiping, learning, and having fun in the presence of God. Our theme was Faith and Presence, looking at how young people can connect with God in a personal way. We saw 129 young people join us, accompanied by 54 parents and youth workers representing 22 churches, supported by 30 volunteers from various ministries and churches.

The evening started with a classic game of human bingo, where each young person was given a 4×4 grid with various statements on them and they had to talk to those around them (always a challenge) and fill out the grid with names of people who fulfil the statement. It was wonderful to see the young people get up and talk to people who they have never met before.

There were 4 hubs/breakout sessions where the young people could engage deeper into the theme of the evening. There were many great things that happened in the hubs, but one of the standout phrases that was shared by a Falmouth University Christian Union student was that your brain cannot process anxiety and thanksgiving at the same time. We heard from one of the young people after the hub and they shared how anxiety was a big problem for them, but this one simple, almost throw away comment, completely changed their outlook on life.

Trying to encourage young people to engage in worship is always a tricky one. Over this last year we’ve seen a majority of attendees return to the next Glow and at the beginning of the year the young people were slow to engage – it sometimes felt that as soon as the last song was played they woke up to worship. This time however, from the first song they were ready to worship. As one of our volunteers described it, ‘Their singing was LOUD’.

At this Glow we saw young people engage with the presence of God in ways that we haven’t seen before. This is a testament to all that God wants to do in the lives of our young people. There is so much we can rejoice about, but let’s not make this email too long!
If you were there, we’d love to know what you thought about the event.

Check out some of the highlights below:

We can’t wait for our next Glow event happening next year on February 11 2024. Find out more about what’s happening year round right here! 

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