We can’t thank you enough!

By Paul Worth

A word from our Event Lead Paul Worth on legacy, loss and gratitude. We can’t thank you enough for being a part of Creation Fest!

Not so long ago, I received a word about legacy gifts, which if you’re not familiar with are gifts normally financial, that are left to you in a will.

The word (in a nutshell) was that ‘we’ would start to receive these gifts to facilitate the work of Creation Fest. That God would use legacy gifts to help us continue to put on a summer event, to create a place of joy and encounter, a place for people to wander in and leave changed, having met with THE Creator of all things.

I love getting words, hearing something from God, sensing His leading, knowing that He is working behind all things, bringing them together for our good. But sometimes the time between a word and its fulfilment can seem like an eternity, and I truly do understand this as I have spent, sometimes years, waiting for His word to come to pass. But when it does, it always gets me, that God releases provision as and when you need it, not necessarily when you want it.

Running a ‘Free to Attend’ event is not for the faint hearted, its certainly not all plain sailing! I’m not always living my  #bestlife, and it isn’t full of Instagram worthy moments. It’s hard work, in the preparation both mentally and spiritually. 

This year I almost lost my father, amidst planning for an event filled with praise and joy. I experienced a deep grieving in my heart as I watched my Dad deteriorate in a hospital bed and I felt hopeless.

The year itself was a difficult year. Each of us on the Creation Fest team had experienced contesting, whether via illness, the hurt or suffering of loved ones or those near to us. It was challenging to say the least.

My strength in those moments were found in God, I didn’t know how to process it all on my own, and God met me in that raw broken space and brought healing.

At the end of this years Creation Fest and whilst still on-site, I spoke to a couple who were on team with us. They had recently experienced the loss of a family member. Through the heartache and sadness, they are walking this out with Jesus and allowing Him to bring healing. The family member who passed away left an inheritance, a portion of which the couple told me they would like to give to Creation Fest. In that moment I was overcome with emotion, the rawness of what happened with my father being brought back into focus, and the promise of a legacy from my heavenly Father coming to pass. 

The word I had received was happening, the tears of sadness were soon tears of joy!

Whether in your finances, or in health or in whatever you are walking though right now, one thing remains the same. God wants to meet you in your place of need, He IS the answer, and He stands on His promises.

Since then, further legacy gifts have been given to Creation Fest and each time it happens I am as amazed, each time as if it were the first. The shear joy of not only knowing that as a ministry we can physically operate a little longer, but in a greater sense, that God’s word is playing out in real-time and it fills my heart with joy.

We still need more financial support. We operate not knowing if we will get to the next event, but trusting that God will make a way.

This year 63 people started to give £10 per month to Creation Fest at the 2023 event, and we are so grateful. We are grateful for EVERYONE who gave a donation at the door, via a bucket or any other method.

WE are truly grateful for YOU!

YOU are part of God’s promise

YOU are making the event possible

YOU are helping to create a space for people to encounter Jesus that results in hundreds of lives saved each year!

YOU are a part of the Team

And WE cannot thank YOU enough!

With joy, 

Paul Worth 

Creation Fest Event Lead

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