Why I love the Skate Park

It’s fair to say that Creation Fest is pretty much an established part of our calendar these days. I can’t figure out if 2019 was the 12th or 13th year that I’ve been involved, but whatever the number, it’s always a joy to gather with friends from different parts of the world, celebrating Christ and seeking to make him known. I typically find myself serving in the skatepark, as that is something that I’ve been involved with for most of my life, so no wonder God has used it for his purposes.

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A Journey into the Unknown

Hello there! My name is Robert and I hail from the land known as The North, in sunny (I wish) Yorkshire. I have moved around a great deal in my life, but how I ended up in the South West, more specifically Cornwall, I can only put down to God.

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Sarah Yardley

Why I live in England

So just who makes all the magic happen behind the scenes at Creation Fest? In this new series, we introduce you to some of the stories-behind-the-names-behind-the-faces – and of course, where better to start than with the lady that needs no introduction: our Ministry and Missions Lead, Sarah Yardley. Say hello to Sarah…

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