1. Start a minimum recurring monthly donation of £10 per-month at Creation Fest 2023..
  2. Your first donation is to be received by Creation Fest at the event (no later than 7 August 2023).
  3. You must complete an 11 month recurring donation plan that amounts to minimum £110.00.
  4. You must not miss a donation during this 11 month period. Back dated payments will be eligible.
  5. You cannot exchange your Event Camping Voucher for a cash amount.
  6. Your 2024 Event Camping Voucher can not be redeemed against any other Creation Fest camping, merch or any other product or extra such as an Electric Hook up. It may only be redeemed against a single Adult Camping Ticket.
  7. You will not be eligible for a refund.
  8. In the unlikely event that Creation Fest 2024 is cancelled your donations will be received as a gift and not refunded. 
  9. You will receive your Event Camping Voucher no later than Monday 22 July 2024. 
  10. If you wish to transfer your Event Camping Voucher to another individual, you must submit this request in writing no later than two months prior to Creation Fest 2024 with their full Name, Address and Email. Upon receipt of this your Event Camping Voucher will no longer be valid and a new Event Camping Voucher will be generated and emailed to the new recipient. 
  11. Your monthly recurring donation will only validate you for 1 Event Camping Voucher. This is NOT a family ticket. Recurring donations are made at will. 
  12. Any queries regarding these terms and conditions can be sent to