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Want to help us spread the word about all that goes on at the festival? Find out more about becoming a Creation Fest Ambassador and get involved.

What is an Ambassador?

Quite simply, a Creation Fest Ambassador is someone who loves the festival and wants to tell people about it!

If you are enthusiastic about what Creation Fest does and would like to tell your church, youth group, PCC, local Churches Together group or anyone else about Creation Fest, sign up today to become a Creation Fest Ambassador!

If you’re part of a group who are camping, your role as an Ambassador may also involve coordinating the booking, answering questions and helping others in your group if they have queries.

What do I get to help me?

We have put together a great set of resources so that it is super easy for you to tell your church, friends and family all about what we do. As well as powerpoint slides, videos and other online resources that are available, we’ll send you flyers and posters to give out to family, friends and at your church or youth group. We’ll also email you key information and dates about the festival and year-round events so that you can make sure your church family know as well as hosting two Ambassador Zoom calls a year for prayer, worship and all the latest news from Creation Fest HQ.

Any other perks?

Apart from the warm, fuzzy feeling that you get from helping us to tell even more people how awesome Creation Fest is? Why yes, of course! Ambassadors will receive an early preview of the programme and an invitation to an exclusive Ambassadors Cream Tea at the festival where you will receive essential information about the week ahead and a complimentary welcome pack, including a full festival programme.

Yes please! Where do I sign up?

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Stories from the Festival

Ever wondered what Creation Fest is all about? Anna, John, and Kaitlyn share their stories about hearing from God, finding a place to belong and what it means to live a life of faith. 


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