Every year, we rely on hundreds of volunteers to make Creation Fest happen. Our amazing volunteers do everything from setting up the site before people arrive to serving coffee in our cafes; from having fun in the families tent to praying for people after meetings.


Is it for me?

If you have a good sense of humour and are willing to work hard and serve God well, you’ll fit right in! For most teams, volunteers will need to be over 18 years of age, although for some teams it’s 16+. You don’t have to come all week (although for some teams it is necessary). Read through the team descriptions for more details and to find the right one for you.

How much time does it take?

Volunteers will need to arrive on Wednesday 2 August 2023 and be available for all four days of the festival (Thursday 3 August – Sunday 6 August inclusive). If you’d like to be involved but are not available all weekend, please do get in touch with our volunteer coordinator to discuss options.

Want to help behind the scenes? Join us for build week or come when the music stops and help us pack down the site and litter pick our campsite. Whatever time you have to give, there’s a way for you to get involved.

What do I get out of it?

It might be the busiest long weekend of your summer, but it also may well be the best. Meet new people, learn new skills, grow your faith, and have buckets of fun in the process. Plus, you get to camp for free!

Ready to go?

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  4. Happy registering!

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Volunteers get involved in...

Accessibility Team

Join the Accessibility Team to enable our friends with learning disabilities (and anyone else too) to access Creation Fest as fully as possible. On this team you’ll support daily prayers & preparations, assist with setting up and take down, welcoming guests, beginning conversations, assisting the leaders in delivering accessible teaching and worship, support people to participate in drama & worship, connecting & signposting people with accessible needs with other festival activities.  If this opportunity excites you, we would love to have you on the Accessibility team – full briefing/ training provided. 


Arts Team

Join the arts team! Here at Creation Fest we believe strongly in creativity. We love providing a space for all to get creative, be refreshed and connect in new and innovative ways. As a member of the arts team you’ll be facilitating the activities and helping our attendees get involved and ensure they have everything they need! If you’re creative and enjoy engaging with people then you’ll love this team!

Big Shed

The Big Shed team will need to look after our main venue, this includes putting chairs out, keeping the venue clean, ensuring there is enough volunteers for the day. 

You will be at the heart of the festival so will need to have good people skills, be good at problem solving and be willing to answer questions on a regular basis. You will also need to work well in a team and have good initiative.

BSL Interpreters

Volunteers must be reliable, capable of working independently, have a strong, personal walk with God and a willingness to communicate the Gospel with creativity. If you are a trained interpreter and registered with NRCPD (National Registers of Communication Professionals with Deaf and Deafblind People) (RSLIs), or who are regulated Trainees (TSLIs) please do feel free to sign up for our wonderful BSL team.  

Volunteers meet first thing in the morning for prayer. A team of interpreters are available for both morning sessions on the main stage and for some afternoon/evening sessions as requested.  

Cafe Team

Our Big Shed café is a fun environment that needs people-friendly staff to keep everyone’s caffeine levels topped up!  

Café life can be fast paced so you will need to be able to stay on your feet while being friendly and helpful while you serve drinks and food, dealing with money, operating the till as well as cleaning and clearing tables in the dining area. 

Volunteers should be capable of working independently. Experience of working in a café environment is an advantage but not essential – full training will be provided, including food hygiene and health and safety training as required. 

 Experienced baristas are always welcome!  

Camping Team

On the camping team you are one of the first faces our campers see as they arrive on site, often after a long car journey!  

There are two teams: the Camping Office and Camping Hosts. The office team checks campers in, assist with bookings, mobile phone charging, freezing icepacks and selling camp shop supplies. The camping hosts help campers pitch tents, unload luggage, repair broken tents and check all our campers are happy and well!  

You meet many excited and often tired people so being enthusiastic, hardworking and friendly definitely helps. Work can be physically demanding and you need to be willing to work in all weathers so do bring your own all-weather clothes and shoes!

Cleaning Team

The cleaning team is vital for keeping the Creation Fest site in a high standard of health and hygiene.  

The team picks litter, empties bins, checks toilet and shower blocks and cleans the portable showers and toilets. The last job of the day is done after the main stage closes in at 22.00. The cleaning team often get to talk to and pray for people as they go around site, which is great fun!  

It helps if you’re enthusiastic, hardworking and enjoy talking to people! There is a lot of walking, so you will need to be relatively fit. You will always go out in teams of two or more, so if you want to volunteer with a friend, you can really have a good time meeting new people while doing an essential job.

Bring your own all-weather clothes and shoes. Protection equipment and cleaning products are provided.

Exhibition Team

Are you friendly, responsible, enjoy interacting with a wide range of people and good at sales? If so, this is the team for you!  

As well as ensuring that the Exhibition area is kept tidy and that all of our wonderful exhibitors are kept happy, you will be staffing the Creation Fest merchandise stand and looking after merchandise tables for visiting bands, artists and speakers.   

Volunteers on this team will need great people skills, be mature and responsible enough to handle money and work independently. A positive, fun, outgoing personality, calm under pressure and able to problem solve.  

Volunteers must be 16 years old and over and be confident in dealing with the public. Experience of retail and/or sales would be an advantage but full training on our online sales system will be provided.  

Families Team

If you have lots of energy and have a passion to impact and share Jesus with children and families, then the Families Team is for you! We want every child and family to leave the festival knowing more about God, having a deeper relationship with Him, and feeling better equipped to explore faith together at home. 

Being on the Families team is fun, a lot of hard work yet extremely rewarding! A typical day will start at 9am setting up the Family Venue for our morning session (10:00 – 11:30am) this includes encouraging kids to engage and worship in our morning session and then join us for our family celebration on the main stage at midday. After this it’s back to families venue  for the afternoon session where there will be worship, teaching and board game stations which will enable families to talk about God, read the bible and have a whole lot of fun! 

You will need a loving attitude, lots of patience and the ability to be calm and helpful. The ability to work as part of a team and be flexible is a must!  During the weekend, many families and kids respond to Jesus, often for the first time. You will need to be confident praying for families and kids, ministering to them and pointing them to further resources / people they can talk to.   

Volunteers must be 16 years of age or over, have previous experience of kids/family ministry and love families! All team leaders will be DBS checked before being offered a place on this team and all team members must attend Safeguarding training at the start of the festival (this is provided on site).

Fundraising Team

Would you like to help us raise the funds necessary to keep Creation Fest free of charge for day visitors and sustainable in the Southwest as a place of Gospel joy?

New for 2023, we’re recruiting for our fundraising team! You’ll be helping us invite new giving partners to give and sow into ministry to keep us sustainable and here for years to come!

You’ll be helping with our giving asks, looking after the Creation Fest stand and working closely with our accounts team!

Gaming Team

If you love gaming this is the role for you! You will need to be able to connect with young people in a different way than you might be used to, keep the gaming venue clean and be willing to pray and chat with young people. 

You will need to be charismatic, have patience and have a passion to connect with people. An interest in gaming and a knowledge of IT would be ideal in this role.

Information Team

The face of the festival! The info team know the site and programme inside out, understand what Creation Fest is all about while greeting and helping festival goers all day long 

As part of the information team you’ll be dealing with lost property and answer questions on anything and everything, from timings of the activities on site to where the nearest supermarket is.    

You may also find yourself directing people to our first aid facilities as well as reporting missing children to our safeguarding team as the information desk is one of the first places people go to for help. 

You will need to be positive, cheerful and willing to help, as well as able to work under pressure, fielding difficult comments and questions and signposting to other teams such as Control or First Aid where necessary.  

The Information team is the first point of contact in many instances, so the team need to be able to quickly assess and respond to any situation. It is important that the volunteers can work well in a team, be flexible and have fun!  

Volunteers should be 16 years or over and be confident in speaking to people of all ages and backgrounds. Knowledge of the local area is a bonus, but not essential.

Kitchen Team

Serve those that serve our festival visitors. The kitchen team is a vital part of the inner workings of our festival. You will provide essential energy to all our volunteer teams, staff, crew, bands, artists and speakers – a great way to meet and encourage all. 

What does a typical day look like?

The catering team consists of a kitchen manager, chefs and volunteers. Volunteers work in three shifts (06:30 – 11:00, 10:00- 15:00 and 15:00 – 21:00). The catering team is split into the cooking and prep team and the washing up team.  

  • The cooking and prep team responsibilities include food preparation, serving meals and keeping the hospitality areas stocked with coffee and snacks as well as ensuring it is clean and tidy.  
  • The washing up team responsibilities include clearing and cleaning up after meals, loading the dishwasher, hand washing larger items drying up and putting away all dishes.  

What are the expectations?

Volunteers need to have a servants’ heart and are expected to be hardworking, flexible and have fun together. You don’t need previous experience – if you are happy following instructions from the chef and kitchen manager and learn things as you go along. Volunteers are expected to adhere to health and safety / food hygiene regulations – full training will be provided at the start of the festival.  


Are there any requirements?

Volunteers need to be 18 years or older. If you have a Food and Hygiene certificate or you are a qualified Chef, please indicate that on the application form.  
Media Team

The media team are responsible for capturing the best of festival in words and images, curating and sharing these stories in print, on radio, via social media and our website. As well as creating our own content, we work in partnership with other media providers to facilitate on-site interviews, live content and press access to artists and speakers.  

Our graphic designers ensure our stage-side slides are updated daily and work with venue managers to create bespoke content and signage as needed. If you are an experienced videographer, photographer, editor, writer, graphic designer or social media expert, this could be the team for you!  

Each day is different. We plan which areas of the festival we want to capture each day at our morning briefing, which all media team members are expected to attend. Depending on your skills, you could be shooting video for Instagram or TikTok photographing a band on the main stage or creating promo videos for us to use throughout the year.  

A high level of personal responsibility, great people skills and the ability to sensitively capture the festival’s special moments without intruding.  

Volunteers should be 16 years of age or older and have their own equipment. Photographers, videographers and graphic designers do require previous experience and may be asked to supply professional work samples. 


Outreach Team

Do you have a heart to tell people about Jesus?  

For this role you will need to confident in speaking to people of all backgrounds and be able to express your faith well. We’ll be hosting swing dance and other outreaches in communities across Cornwall during Creation Fest week.  

Outdoor Stage Team

Brand new for 2023, this stage will offer an acoustic vibe whilst entertaining our campers and attendee’s during their lunch or just wanting to be outdoor in the summer sun! 

You will be responsible for making sure that the artists are there and ready to play and have everything that they might need.  

You will need to have good people skills as you will be required to work will a lot of different people including those attending the festival.  

Parking Team

Nearly every one of our attendees needs somewhere to park their car. If you can smile and wave (and potentially brave the Cornish weather) you are already equipped to be on the parking team. We are looking for people who can bring a loving first welcome onto our site, helping campers and day visitors find a place to park up for the day.  

Prayer Team

There is power in prayer…  

If you’re on the prayer team you may be around our main stage area or in our overflow areas or any other venues that need a prayer team.  

A day on the prayer team can be very varied and is often exhausting and exhilarating at the same time, as we see God touch many people. We pray for individuals, including staff and volunteers, for a variety of reasons and in a range of circumstances.  

Whether you have been a Christian for a while, just made a commitment, want to make a commitment or just need someone to talk to, the prayer team are there for everybody. The prayer team also interceed for the event as a whole or prayer walk various parts of the site. 

There is a leader assigned to each shift who will pray for you at the end of your shift and who is available to offer pastoral support.  

Volunteers are expected to have a right relationship with God and other people. You will need to be able to talk about the love of God and to have high levels of energy. You will need to be able to keep confidentiality and be without prejudice as there will be many unexpected circumstances that need prayer.  

Volunteers must be 18 years or older. As this team requires a high level of spiritual discernment, good scriptural awareness and a mature personal prayer life, we will ask for a good reference from your church leader to join this team. 

Production/Technical Team

This is a specialised team – with all the necessary skills, qualifications and experience required to run large-scale events. There are a variety of positions available in this team including: Front of House Engineers, Lighting Engineers, Monitor Engineers, Stage Managers, Stage Crew, Video/Words Operators, Camera Operators, Video Editors, Cinema Supervisors and Recording Supervisors.  

The hours of these teams are long. If you are interested, qualified and have the necessary experience for any of these positions, please indicate it on your application form as well as supplying a CV listing bands/organisations you have worked with.  

Showcase Team

The Showcase venue is the main area where most of our seminars are held. 

As part of the showcase team, you will be helping set up the venue before each seminar, this includes making sure the venue is clean, ensuring the visiting speaker has everything they need, being a friendly face and encouraging attendees into the venue. The Showcase can be a very busy venue, you will need to clear the venue between seminars with limited time  

Volunteers on this team will need to be able to work well with other people, be positive, willing to pray with people and have a heart to serve. 

Site Team

When everyone else is still thinking about what to pack for the week, our maintenance team will already be onsite, setting up venues, fencing campsites and unloading trucks. This responsible role will involve making sure the festival runs smoothly and effectively. This is a practical role and will be suited to you if you are gifted in the areas of carpentry, plumbing, electrics or general maintenance.  

Volunteers will need to be available for the week prior to the festival, be fit, healthy and prepared to work long hours! Prior to the festival, you will be responsible for setting up venues and preparing the site. During the festival, the team needs to be available to respond to any maintenance issue at any time. The aim of the maintenance team is to prevent the breakdown and failure of vital equipment.

Expectations will depend on previous experience and how practical you are (please specify this on your application form). We need people who can work as part of a team, are able to perform routine maintenance duties including rough carpentry, painting and basic equipment or facility repairs. All carpentry, electrical work or plumbing repairs are performed under supervision of qualified staff.  

Volunteers need to be 18 years or older, properly qualified in their own field with a basic understanding of Health & Safety requirements. Qualified tele-handler and forklift drivers will need to supply copies of their driving licence and qualification certificates prior to operating machinery.  

Skate Team

The skate park is always a great place to be at Creation Fest, with high energy and a strong sense of community. It’s a venue that creates loads of opportunity to get to know people, young and not so young, whether on the ramps or around the edges watching. It especially attracts older kids and young people that attend the festival with their family or churches, but are just starting or considering a walk with Jesus – what a great privilege! 

What does a typical day look like?

The skate park is open 12.00 noon – 20.00 daily. A typical day starts with team prayer before it opens. Volunteers work flexibly to ensure that safety is maintained during open skate sessionsshare the gospel, help on the ramps, chat with people and share their faith.  

What are the expectations?

Volunteers are expected to be enthusiastic, hardworking and committed. You need to love people, be willing to build relationships with participants, give an account of your faith in Christ and share the gospel. You could be expected to move heavy equipment, supervise ramps for safe practices and maintain health and safety standards. Hours can be long, and team members need to be flexible, work together and take instruction from the team leader. This team is on the ‘front line’ in contact with many non-Christians in the community, so a heart for people and evangelism is a bonus.  

Are there any requirements?

Volunteers must be aged 16 years or over, be reliable and physically fit. Skate, scooter or BMX skills would be great, but not essential. If you are enthusiastic and committed to reaching out to people, we’d love to have you on team! 

Sports Team

There are many different sporting activities that our festival visitors can get involved in – from football matches to fun games sessions. The sports team is there to make sure that these things happen – come rain or shine!  

Volunteers may need to participate on a team, referee, share the gospel or just be able to talk and build a relationship with those that come, whether they are kids, young people or adults. Anyone who loves sports and feels called to lead a group of young people in having fun on the sports field should apply for this team.  

As the sports activities take place outside, some may be weather dependant. Volunteers need to be flexible and not worried about getting wet. Experience of refereeing is a bonus (please mention which sports on your application) but willingness to familiarise yourself with the rules of whatever activity you are part of is a must.   

Volunteers must be aged 16 years or over, be energetic, physically fit and love sports.

Stewarding Team

The smooth and safe running of Creation Fest is in a large part down to our amazing team of calm, confident, caring stewards. If you can think on your feet, love interacting with people, solving problems and serving with joy, this is the job for you. 

Roles can be static, such as stewarding key access points like the back stage area, or mobile, such as foot patrol or parking which involves directing traffic entering and leaving the site, as well as parking cars in a manner that ensures the safety of pedestrians and campers and best utilises the available space. 

The stewarding team ensure safety and make sure the festival runs smoothly, as such you will be required to be calm and confident under pressure and follow procedures at all times. Come with a heart to serve joyfully, a cheerful manner and a great sense of humour.  

Volunteers need to be able to bring God into every situation through their actions, words and prayer. 

Volunteers must be aged 18 years or over. Great interpersonal skills, the ability to speak into and deal with a range of different situations, including giving encouraging words to those who need it and instruction to potentially angry or upset people. Experience of stewarding/working at large scale events would be great, but full training will be provided. Some roles will require you to be on your feet for long periods of time, so you will need to be physically fit and bring some wet weather gear in case you’re stewarding outside in great British weather! 

Welcome Team

On the welcome team you get the joy of, you guessed it, warmly welcoming everyone to Creation Fest!  

You will be staffing the front entrance gate to the festival, greeting everyone who enters on foot, taking tickets and/or registering them via our booking system as well us helping to set up, greet and serve in our Big Shed venue.  

You’ll need to be enthusiastic, empathic and have a sense of humour. It is important to work well in a team, be well informed about all that goes on onsite, be flexible AND have fun. Our welcome gate is outside so you’ll need to be comfortable working outside in all weathers and confident to use an online booking system, don’t worry, full training is provided!  

Volunteers must be aged 16 years or over. You will need to provide your own all-weather clothing and shoes.

Youth Team

If you love young people and are passionate about seeing them come to faith and grow in their relationship with Jesus, the youth venue is for you! This high-energy venue caters for 11-17 year olds and from morning worship to late night discos, there is always something crazy going on.  

A day in the youth venue is fun, hard work and always different! The morning session runs from 10.00 to 12 noon with worship and teaching. The afternoon programme (13:00 to 17:00) includes carefully curated workshops, activities and seminars. The late night programming includes anything from rap takeovers to fancy dress parties! All volunteers work the morning and evening sessions, with time off in the afternoon on a rota basis.  

Volunteers will need to connect with young people, share Jesus with them and have fun! You will need a loving attitude, lots of patience and the ability to be calm and firm when needed. Great team working and flexibility is a must!   

During the week, many young people respond to Jesus, often for the first time. You will need to be confident talking to young people, praying for them and pointing them to further resources / people they can talk to. In addition, all volunteers help to keep the venue clean and tidy, as well as setting up activities and clearing away.  

Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older. Experience of working as a youth pastor / youth leader is ideal but not essential. All team leaders will be DBS checked all team members must attend compulsory Safeguarding training at the start of the festival (this is provided on site).



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