The Arts Workshop is a creative space where people can come to connect with God through the arts. Our daily workshops include all kinds of activities from collages to collaborative dance, pottery to poetry, watercolour to writing, led by inspiring artists from all over the world.

Why arts?

Because we’re creative people, made by a Creator God!

What do I need to know?

To take part in a workshop, all you will need to do is pop along to the Arts Workshop and sign up. There’s a small charge of £2 (for some sessions) to cover materials. Anyone aged 12 and above is welcome to take part in our workshops. Children under 12 are encouraged to join the Creation Fest Kids tent where there is a full programme of creative activities, fun Bible teaching, lively worship and more!


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Meet the artists

Eric Holmlund is an artist from Colorado. He discovered prophetic art in 2011 and has since completed over 100 prophetic paintings, most of them in live settings. Eric has built successful online businesses, reaching hundreds of thousands of people through the web, and also runs a dance school and ministry, Lighthouse Dance, with his wife. They have six children, and when not working on projects, Eric enjoys getting outside and training for triathlons.

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The Arts Cafe was a place I could discover my creativity in a whole new way and connect to God in a deeper way through it.

Megan Woodman, Creation Fest Volunteer


Paintbrush ready?

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