Welcome to the skate park! Built for us by a team of incredible local volunteers, if you’re into skateboarding, scootering, or roller skating, this is the place for you. Oh, and did we mention that it’s all FREE?

What happens at the Skate Park?

The Skate Park has open sessions and a dedicated team of skate volunteers for experienced and beginner skaters. 

Whatever your skill level or specialty, there is something for everyone, whether you love to skate, scooter, or rollerblade!

The skatepark has always been an important feature at Creation Fest, and 2021 was no different! Our skate park was smaller than usual due to Covid restrictions is, but it was still great to have a space to cruise about, and session ramps on a skateboard or scooter. Part of the attraction of the skatepark community is the way we all learn together and support each other, which was needed this year more than ever! So come and hang out with us, and other people who love to skate and scooter from across the UK!


Take a look inside


I’ve never been on a board before, can I come?

Of course! If you’ve never had a go at skating but fancy stepping onto a skateboard with someone that knows what they’re doing, our team of skaters will be on hand to give you some pointers and help you progress in your skateboarding, whether that’s just pushing along, dropping in, or landing bolts on those heelflips.

What else happens at the Skate Park?

The Skate team love to live life to the full, and for us, that means living life with Jesus. He’s literally changed our lives for the better and we get way more hyped from Him than we do from skating! Every day, we open the Bible and pray together – and you’re invited. Our midday ‘skate devo’ has grown over the last few years and whether you know Jesus or not, we’d love to see you there.

Skate Park

It’s amazing having Creation Fest encouraging all kinds of activities to bring people in to know the fullness of Life in Christ. Love being a part of it and looking forward to another wonderful year of Creation Fest!

Beaver Fleming, Pro Skater